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Competition "Padova Soft City" | New ways of urbanity

A responsible process of regeneration and sustainable urban development must start from a careful evaluation of the real needs of the population. After a first phase of design it would be necessary to actively involve companies and residents in a common planning process.
A combined improvement of local activities, public safety actions and environmentally sustainable housing could be the right impulse for the development of the area in the decades to come.
The proposal has to be considered as viable urban development process characterised by territorial and social benefits that overstep a conversion based on the Smart City strategies. If realised it could serve as best practice and as economic driver looking toward Padua Soft City!


Designed in collaboration with Sistene E.S.CO., Theorema e De-Cube!

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Portfolio Details

CLIENT : Chamber of Commerce - Padova

DATE : 2015

TAGS : architecture, infrastructure, landscape, master planning