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oltre la smart city
Softcity Padova

Tuesday 27 October 2015 prize ceremony of Competition “Padova Soft City”.
The competition was to compare the analysis of planning ideas and their translation into a Master Plan for the “Padova Soft City” area with a Smart City perspective.
A digital city where the goals are sustainability, new urban thought and new technologies.
The final goal is to improve the quality of life of inhabitants and businesses, improve the attractiveness of the area between the railway station and North side of the industrial zone.
The project has multidisciplinary scope with both urban hardware (infrastructure, public space, buildings, city transformation) and urban software (changing life styles, transforming relationships, promoting sustainability mobility, digital communication).
Recent events in the European policies of urban regeneration and attractiveness of the territory has worked on a deal in which the objectives of the competition are complementary to social cohesion and environmental economic-sustainability.

Project in partnership with  Sistene E.S.CO. Theorema e De-Cube!